I remember 2013. I remember the 31 of december 2013, to be more exact: 23.59
And the clock strikes 00.00. 2014 has started and 2013 will never happen again. I remember how much tears I cried that new years. 2013 was the worst year of my life filled depression and anxiety, and finally it was over. I cried because of complete happiness and relief. 2013 was forever over and it was finally time to start a new chapter without this past year's depressed Elin. Without sleepless nights and days spent in bed. 2014 was going to be different and if 2013 was the worst year, well, it could only get better. 
And now, we've past yet another New Years and it is 2015. There has been ups and downs like always but I am happy to say that 2013 still remains the worst year of my life. Special thanks and shout out to all my friends who helped me out of my misery :)

This has happened since my last blog post: Went to California for some sunshine and dad. Came to the conclusion that I did not want to spend summer in Sweden. Booked a one way ticket to Amsterdam. Went back to Sweden, packed my bags, said good bye to my sweet ex and fled the country a month later.  In Amsterdam I made beds and cleaned toilettes at The Flying Pig Hostel. Best job ever! I lost my voice,  my bag, my cards, my passport, my laptop and virginity all over and over again. After 3 very intense months of living, eating, drinking, drinking, sleeping, pooping and masturbating, it was time for me to move out of the hostel. To Mr Emtuiz Creepy Guy, he creeped me out so much that after a month at his place i fled. That month I spent only 100 euros for food, drinks, bike and bike lock. My friends let me crash at their place and at last we found a new place. 
Now it is 2015. I have the best second family one could ever ask for. Friends and memories I will never forget. I have two jobs, my bike is still working (minus the shitty breaks) and I live together with my good friend with benefit. It's not weird at all; we have great sex, cook awesome meals, and we get along really well... except when I'm hungry. Hungry = I become a crying bitch. Sorry. 
My plan was to stay 3 months in this beautiful city, and I have been here 7 months. So things are going well. Even though it feels like I sometimes have the world and my wisdom tooth against me, I am alive. I am strong. My butt is bigger. My life is exciting and lovely. And it is everything 2013 wasn't. 
TL;DR It's been a good year. And I am still in Amsterdam


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