Guess who's back?

Hey, gozzip gurl here! To sum up the everything and nothings that you all might have missed. 

Kissables: LB & SP this summer, IN and CM on an after-party, HH and SP at the MBEF-party, IN and a guy at sb, HH and some random Alan. CJ & KM did a replay of last year's MBEF-party, but KM also smooched up a younger guy (aka ragga lammkött) Much more to tell, but let's stick to this for now. 

Breakups and makeups: AL is single, IN is single, LK is not single (sorry boys), KB was single but returned back to his beloved after seeing IN & CM maybe? AF is single and is not after SB any longer. 

They've all been down that road. SP couldn't handle a shot, 30 minutes in, and he was in the bathroom. LB was seen outside a party. EH couldn't even get in to strandbaden. HS joined ettorna on the inspark and was seen feeling not-so-good. MS took too much during the vacation. HH as well, both at LB's place and JO's place. SP had to clean up around LB's door after a party.

Never seen people party as much as they're doing now, and they seem to be loving it. CS tried to catch flies in a fireplace (?), LB and EM were seen dancing in front of windows and laughing. And with SPIE always partying in the middle of no-where. Everybodys enjoying their lives, and so should you! 

XOXO dudes and dudettes!

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